Our world famous alteration and repair service

Price list


Skirt/ Dress hem taken up or let down        From £10.00

“                                    “ With lining        From £15.00

Trousers taken up or let down                           £15.00

Darts put in or let out                               From £10.00            

Back of trousers let out from waist band     From £15.00

“                    “ Take in “                “         From £15.00

Collar turned                                            From £18.00

Cuffs repaired                                           From £15.00

Seams taken in or let out                           From £10.00

Button replacement and holes                    From £1.00

Repairs, Rips Tears                                    From £6.00

Zips replaced                                            £7.00 + Price of zip. Embellishment, beadwork, sequin repair       By quote.


If you have any special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us.

These prices can change without warning. last revised 30.03.14